IMAV 2019: International Meeting on Arboviruses and their Vectors

IMAV2019 (1)


The Third International Meeting on Arboviruses and their Vectors will take place on September 5 and 6 at the University of Glasgow. As we see continuing transmission of pathogens such as dengue and chikungunya, the emergence of other arboviruses, as well as progress with understanding vector biology (including ticks, mosquitoes and midges) this area of research remains of high importance. The many scientists and clinicians from different areas of expertise who share an interest in arboviruses need a dedicated forum to discuss viruses and vectors in depth. This meeting will provide a great opportunity to do so, and for people in the arbovirus research community to meet and exchange ideas.



Organising committee:

  • Alain Kohl (MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research, UK)
  • Lesley Bell-Sakyi (University of Liverpool, UK)
  • Gorben Pijlman (Wageningen University, Netherlands)
  • Tom Solomon (University of Liverpool, UK)
  • Esther Schnettler (BNITM Hamburg, Germany)
  • Anna Överby Wernstedt (Umea University, Sweden)

Key topics:

  • Pathogenesis, immunology and vaccines
  • Virushost interactions
  • Virus replication
  • Vector biology

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Journal of General Virology has recently updated the ‘Arboviruses and their Vectors’ collection and is inviting submissions of original research and Reviews. Authors should submit their manuscript to the online submission system indicating in their cover letter that the manuscript it is intended for the ‘Arboviruses and their Vectors’ collection. To submit a review, authors should first contact Colin Crump, Reviews Editor, via

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Posted on: 02/07/2019