General PE Strategy

To ensure that our research is relevant and has the maximum impact for patients and the general public, we will engage patients and the public in our research right from the initial concept and design stage, through to implementation and dissemination.

Involvement in decision making at a strategic level:

Two lay representatives have been recruited to the Scientific Advisory Board, who will provide a lay perspective on strategy, ensure real patient involvement, and help formulate policy on community and patient engagement. The posts will rotate on a 2 yearly cycle, to allow for breadth of skills and experience. The Patient/Public representatives will have the same voting rights as other Board members and a clearly defined role description, with induction and training provided.

We will take advantage of Public Health England's People’s Panel which was established as an innovative way to engage with the public about health priorities, information and services and has almost 1,000 people across England as members. We will also capitalise on the NIHR’s Involve initiative, a national advisory group that supports greater public involvement in research, in order to embed public involvement as part of the full HPRU research cycle, including monitoring and evaluating public involvement and its impact.

Engagement (providing and disseminating research information and knowledge):

There are a number of ways in which the activity and benefits of the HPRU’s research will be shared with the public, all of which will involve interaction and listening, with the goal of generating mutual benefit. To maximise the reach of the Unit a number of activities will take place to connect with a range of audiences.

  • HPRU Patient and Public representatives will themselves become an avenue of knowledge and dissemination feeding back into their own networks and panels and so generating wider debate.
  • Public Events Programme - we will exhibit research at national events, including science festivals (Cheltenham and Manchester Science Festivals and the British Science Festival), the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition and the Big Bang Fair. The Unit will also host its own nationally advertised launch and yearly open days.
  • School’s Programme - We will expand our engagement with young people, locally and nationally, via Schools Programmes, the STEM Ambassador Scheme and the Nuffield Foundation Research Placements Scheme to facilitate interactions with children and young people locally and nationally, to engage and inspire future researchers and research participants.
  • Media - HPRU researchers will register with the national Science Media Centre to develop links with the national media to utilise when announcing research findings to the media and offering comment to journalists on related breaking news stories.