Guillain-Barré syndrome associated with Zika virus infection


Brasil P, Sequeira PC, Freitas AD, Zogbi HE, Calvet GA, de Souza RV, Siqueira AM, de Mendonca MC, Nogueira RM, de Filippis AM, Solomon T


A 24-year-old housekeeper presented to hospital in Rio de Janeiro in June, 2014, with headache, fever, and a rash, 5 days after waking with a severe generalised headache, retro-orbital pain, weakness, and paraesthesia of the hands and feet. 2 days later she developed fever (axillary temperature 42°C), chills, and a pruritic rash on the face, abdomen, chest, and arms. By day 4, she was afebrile but had painful swelling of the hands (appendix) and feet, difficulty walking, and disseminated rash. She had had dengue 5 years previously, had not travelled recently, and did not recall any tick or mosquito bites.


The Lancet

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Clinical Surveillance