Knowledge Mobilisation

Knowledge mobilisation is about bringing together different communities to share knowledge to catalyse change. Knowledge mobilisation is a two-way process which enables advances in health protection research to create benefits for patients and the public; supporting research informed decision-making by policy makers, public health practitioners, the public, and other stakeholders.

Further information and resources on knowledge mobilisation can be found here.

Knowledge Mobilisation in the HPRU EZI

The Knowledge Mobilisation theme cross cuts across all other themes and will ensure we address questions important to the public and maximise our research impacts. Read more about our Knowledge Mobilisation strategy here.

The HPRU works closely with PHE's Knowledge and Evidence team and the UK Public Health Network for Zoonoses to develop and disseminate outputs such as evidence synopses and lay summaries, supported by strong social media activities, also tracking the value and impact of outputs. 

We also continue to work with international policy makers, especially WHO. We have contributed to the development of the UK guidelines on the management of encephalitis and meningitis. The HPRU EZI has also played a leading role the formation of the UK HCID guidelines, and we expect to be involved in further modifications.

A PhD in the area of knowledge mobilisation will look at the historical contexts of how policy is developed, in response to infection threats, to help inform future strategies. 


Professor Sally Sheard

University of Liverpool

Theme Lead

Ashleigh Cheyne

University of Oxford


Dr Paul Atkinson

University of Liverpool

Theme co-Lead

Helen Piotrowski

University of Liverpool

PhD Student