2023 HPRU-EZI Annual Meeting takes place in Salisbury

Fri, 30 June 2023

The 2023 HPRU-EZI Annual Scientific Meeting took place in Salisbury on 20 & 21 June 2023. Building on previous meetings in Oxford and Liverpool, this was our best attended yet and we were delighted to be joined by UKHSA Chief Scientific Advisor, Prof Isabel Oliver (pictured), who gave a talk on the place of the HPRU programme in UK research. We were also joined by Pro Ajit Lalvani, the Director of the HPRU in Respiratory Infections, who gave an overview on his Unit's work during COVID.

The event also provided a chance for those not at UKHSA to visit the base at Porton Down and have a tour of the facilities. In addition to this and the meeting itself, the group visited Stonehenge and there was a 3km morning fun-run around historic Salisbury. The venue for the 2024 gathering will be confirmed by the end of the year.