Diagnostics and Host Response

Improving diagnostics is central to the delivery of the mission of the UKHSA to respond to infectious diseases, the threats they pose and to inform disease management strategies. Whilst great progress has been made in the use of nucleic acid-based detection strategies, development of serologic approaches have lagged, despite their unique capability to confirm infection in the absence of nucleic acid. Genomic approaches have shown the utility of characterising the host response to inform triage of patients. Further work is required to validate these methodologies, particularly to investigate the predictive power of unique molecular signatures and to correlate these with patient data and improve case management protocols. This Theme brings together a multidisciplinary team to characterise pathogen and host biology and use this information to develop new versatile platforms to diagnose infection and inform case management.

Theme Leader and Theme Co-Leads

Professor Julian Hiscox

Theme Lead
University of Liverpool, Institute of Infection, Veterinary and Ecological Sciences


Professor Miles Carroll

Theme Co-Lead
UKHSA, Head of Research Porton Down


Dr Emily Adams 

Theme Co-Lead
LSTM - Reader in Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases


Professor Peter Simmonds

Theme Co-Lead
Professor of Virology, University of Oxford