Patient Reseach for Public Health

This theme will strengthen the ability of PHE and NHS clinicians to prepare for and respond to national and global emerging infectious disease threats, in line with the PHE infectious diseases strategy framework 2020-25.  This will include leveraging national infection and HCID networks and international expert consortia to address knowledge gaps, and the provision of clinical expertise and samples to the other Research Themes. 

Theme Leader and Co-leads:

  Tom Fletcher

Dr Tom Fletcher

Theme Lead

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine




Dunning Photo 

Dr Jake Dunning

Theme Co-Lead

Public Health England


 Lance Turtle

Dr Lance Turtle

Theme Co-Lead

Senior Clinical Fellow in Infectious Diseases

University of Liverpool


 Peter Horby


Professor Peter Horby

Theme Co-Lead

Professor of Emerging and Infectious Diseases and Global HeALTH

University of Oxford








Tom Solomon    










Professor Tom Solomon

HPRU Director

Head of the Brain Infections Group - Professor of Neurological Science

University of Liverpool



Tim Brooks











Dr Tim Brooks

Head of the Rare and Imported Pathogens Laboratory

Public Health England



David Lalloo

Professor David Lalloo

Dean, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine


 Chris Butler 2 Pic

Professor Chris Butler

University of Oxford

Nick Beeching

Dr Nick Beeching

Senior Lecturer (Clinical) in Infectious Diseases, Clinical Group, LSTM

Honorary Consultant and Clinical Lead, Tropical and Infectious Disease Unit, Royal Liverpool University Hospital



 Shevin Jacob


Dr Shevin Jacob

Senior Clinical Lecturer

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine



Dr Mike Beadsworth

University of Liverpool










PhD Students: