Epidemiology and Risk Analysis


This theme brings together a multidisciplinary team of scientists to gain insight into the epidemiology of key emerging and zoontoic infections.  Studies will be designed and data analysed using state of the art statistical, epidemiological and dynamic modelling methods, to understand transmission, quanitify risks and, where possible, to evaluate potential control measures. 

Long-term objectives:

  • To inform diagnostic development and validation, outbreak control policies, and pathogenesis studies using samples and datasets from PHE/HPRU partners.
  • Determine the distribution of Lyme Disease risk around the country to inform the provision of pubic health advice by PHE and improve the awareness and management of Lyme disease by health professionals.
  • Develop, test and implement methods for estimating HICD nosocomial transmisison risk and the impact of interventions.

 Theme Leader and Theme Co-leads

Christl Donnelly

Professor Christl Donnelly 

University of Oxford

Theme Lead



Roberto Vivancos

Professor Roberto Vivancos

Public Health England

Theme Co-Lead


Neil French

Professor Neil French

University of Liverpool

Theme Co-Lead


Luis Cuevas

Professor Luis Cuevas

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Theme Co-Lead





 Katherine Russell

Dr Katherine Russell

Public Health England


 Amanda Semper

Dr Amanda Semper

Public Health England

PhD Students: