Pathogen and Vector Biology

Epi theme

The aim of this Theme is to boost PHE’s capability to monitor and better understand vector-borne pathogens in relation to their emergence and spread. It will support PHE’s capacity to respond to new threats, collaborate within a broader science base, and build on its vigilance in the face of growing risks of vector-borne disease, as climate change and increasing globalisation impact on vector and pathogen distributions.

The Theme will develop a better understanding of the genetic diversity and evolutionary opportunities open to emerging pathogens and their vectors, highlight risks to public health and generate new capabilities for vectorborne disease control.

Long-term objectives:  Become a centre of excellence for the testing of indigenous mosquitoes and ticks for pathogens that require high containment.  To catalyse new funding from external grants and sustain capability for PHE. 

Theme Leader and Co-Leaders

Roger Hewson

Professor Roger Hewson

Theme Lead

Public Health England



Grant Hughes

Dr Grant Hughes

Theme Co-Lead

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine







Professor Thomas Bowden

Theme Co-Lead

University of Oxford






 Matthew Baylis

Professor Matthew Baylis

Theme Co-Lead

University of Liverpool




Jolyon Medlock (1)

Dr Jolyon Medlock

Public Health England


Oliver Pybus

Professor Oliver Pybus

University of Oxford



Professor Lisa Ng

University of Liverpool