Dr Lynsey Goodwin awarded first PPIE bursary award

Tue, 20 September 2022

We would like to congratulate Dr Lynsey Goodwin for a successful application to the HPRU-EZI PPIE Bursary scheme.

She hopes to hold a focus group of people with lived experience of an arbovirus. She will then use the feedback from the focus group to directly influence her research. The study will recruit 100 patients from Infectious Diseases Units in the UK with an Arbovirus over 2 years; collecting samples for scientists developing tests to diagnose Arbovirus infections, collating information on the patients' symptoms plus conducting a questionnaire study on the patient’s symptoms and quality for life for 6 months after infection. The patient focus group will guide some of the clinical information collected and will also help plan the questions she will put forward in the questionnaire asked to participants admitted to hospital with an Arbovirus. The results of this study will form a chapter of her PhD thesis.