HPRU-EZI Knowledge Mobilisation team publishes 'Pandemic-Proof Cities' paper

Tue, 14 November 2023

Dr Paul Atkinson produced a Policy Briefing, in collaboration with the Heseltine Institute, to discuss the steps required to develop ‘Pandemic-proof cities’. With the UK’s COVID-19 inquiry currently in session, this timely briefing highlights the need to urgently reassess UK pandemic prevention plans, with a focus on improving the resilience of health systems.

It recommends the creation of new pandemic prevention, preparedness and response taskforces at a sub-national level, working with local and regional policy measure capacity and build evidence on good pandemic-prevention practice. Drawing on lessons from Liverpool City Region’s rapid testing programme during the COVID-19 pandemic, which provided crucial data on the spread of the disease in late 2020 and early 2021, the authors conclude that now is the time to build systems to deal with the inevitable arrival, at some point in the future, of another pandemic.

Pandemic-proof cities: creating resilient healthcare systems to prevent, prepare for and respond to future health shocks