HPRU-EZI PhD recruitment complete

Tue, 08 February 2022

The HPRU-EZI programme has completed its PhD studentship recruitment process. We are now delighted to have on board, 3 Research Fellows, 2 PDRAs and 13 PhD students who are each allocated t0 a specific research project, . They are:

Research Fellows

Susie Gould (LSTM)

Lynsey Goodwin (University of Liverpool)

Lucy Delaney (University of Liverpool)


Sarah Hayes (University of Oxford)

Maya Holding (UKHSA)


I'ah Donovan-Banfield (University of Liverpool)

Jack Crook (UKHSA)

Caitlin Thompson (LSTM)

Grace Hood (University of Oxford)

Cecilia Jay (University of Oxford)

Eilish Hart (UKHSA)

Mollie Curran-French (UKHSA)

Sara Rooney (LSTM)

Manuela Parnoffi (LSTM)

Mark Pritchard (University of Oxford)

Helen Piotrowski (University of Liverpool)

Ruth McCabe (University of Oxford)

Nicola Seechurn (University of Liverpool)


Their projects are divided into 5 separate themes as follows: