HPRU-EZI Training collaboration with HPRU-GI continues

Thu, 19 October 2023

As part of our expanding HPRU-EZI Academic Career Development Programme, our Unit's Early Career Researchers all came together in Birmingham on 17th & 18th October for a capacity building workshop. We were delighted to be joined by Prof Angela Obasi to discuss issues around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. We were also joined by the Director of Public Health for Liverpool, Matt Ashton. Becoming more of a feature in these workshops, we had PhD-led sessions for students to have an opportunity to practice delivering training on their specialist subjects.

For HPRU-EZI, Liverpool University student I'ah Donovan-Banfield teamed up with Jack Crook of the UKHSA to give a talk on Sequencing to the group.