NIHR begins applications process for HPRU 2025-2030

Wed, 01 November 2023

The NIHR has launched a new, two-stage competition to designate and fund the next round of Health Protection Research Units (HPRUs) in England for the period 2025-2030. NIHR HPRUs are partnerships between Universities and the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), and will act as centres of excellence in multi-disciplinary health protection research in key priority areas. The purpose of the NIHR HPRU scheme is to support UKHSA in delivering its functions and objectives for public health protection, including an immediate response to emerging priorities and by building an evidence base for public health protection policy and practice.  

At Stage 1 Universities who judge themselves to have substantial portfolios of world class multidisciplinary health protection research in a relevant priority area, and will work in partnership with UKHSA, are invited to submit an application.  Shortlisted applications at Stage 1 will be invited to submit a full application from February 2024, which should be co-produced in partnership with UKHSA, at Stage 2 (deadline of May 2024). The HPRU-EZI submitted its Stage 1 application on 5th December 2023.