NIHR changes its name to emphasise its focus on Social Care

Tue, 01 February 2022

The NIHR is recognising the importance of social care research for the NIHR in a new name for the organisation from 6th April: National Institute for Health and Care Research.
This will bring it into line with the Department of Health and Social Care, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Health and Care Research Wales and others. However, it will still be known as NIHR. This also means that NIHR logos are unaffected by the change and will not need to be replaced. 

The new name, National Institute for Health and Care Research, will reinforce NIHR’s commitment to social care research and will enable it to reinvigorate their conversations and engagement with everyone active in this field.
NIHR is a major funder of social care research and building capacity and capability for social care research is an area of strategic focus for NIHR as outlined in Best Research For Best Health: The Next Chapter.
NIHR has ambitions to boost adult social care research, through increased funding, delivery support, involvement of service users, carers and other members of the public, capacity and other support for research culture in practice. Consideration is also being given to children’s social care research and addressing health inequalities in relation to social care research needs.