Prof Christl Donnelly and Sarah Hayes visit South Africa

Tue, 15 August 2023

During summer 2023, in an exciting international collaboration, Prof Christl Donnelly and Dr Sarah Hayes (based at the University of Oxford) embarked on a research expedition to South Africa.
They began their trip with a stay in the Skukuza Vet Camp nestled within Kruger National Park. For just over a week, they lived in the heart of the wilderness, observing TB-related procedures on buffalo and tracking wild dogs amidst the breath-taking landscapes of the park. Through work aimed at expanding our understanding of disease transmission and control, they scoped a collaborative “One Health” partnership to benefit people, livestock and wildlife.
The next stage of their journey took them to Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, where they met with additional academics and students and delivered a one-day statistics course to nearly 100 students.
The visit broadened Christl and Sarah’s understanding of wildlife dynamics and the opportunities for collaborative research aimed at tackling emerging and zoonotic infections.