Professor Semple and guests discuss the 'New Norm'

Fri, 18 September 2020

A Liverpool Responds video delivered on 27 August, 2020. This event was broadcast live using Zoom and Facebook.

This recording has been taken from the University of Liverpool Facebook page.

Liverpool Responds: The New Norm was the fourth event in the series will look ahead to the reopening of schools in September and the potential psychological impact this could have on pupils, along with how this change could contribute to a repeat wave of Coronavirus hitting the City and our Nation.

Professor Semple and guests discuss next steps in terms of what the ‘New Norm’ for society should or will look like, and how this can be managed effectively to prevent or lessen the likelihood of a rise in the pandemic.

The session was chaired by Professor Calum Semple who is a global leader in research for children’s health and outbreak medicine at the University of Liverpool and a consultant respiratory paediatrician at Alder Hey Children's Hospital. Professor Semple was joined by guests from across the University and the City who refer to their knowledge and expertise, in their respective areas, to add valuable contributions to this topical debate.

Guests include: Alumnus Matt Ashton- Director of Public Health for Liverpool, Alumna Councillor Barbara Murray Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Professor Rhiannon Corcoran- Professor of Psychology and Public Mental Health at the University of Liverpool and Dr Dan Hungerford-NIHR Post-doctoral Fellow in Clinical Infection, Microbiology and Immunology.