Detection of Dermancentor marginatus and a possible Rickettsia slovaca case in the United Kingdom - The risk of the visiting traveller


Pietzsch ME, Hansford KM, Cull B, Jahfari S, Sprong H, Medlock JM


Ticks are widely recognised as a risk to human health and although numbers of travel-associated tickborne infections are low, they are likely underreported [1–3]. In the United Kingdom (UK), Public Health England (PHE) run a Tick Recording Scheme (TRS), and have previously published on the importation of a non-native tick species on a traveller [4]. This letter further highlights the importance of tick identification, in order to assist in the risk assessment of patients with suspected tickborne infections, not only among travellers, but also individuals who have recently been visited by travellers.


Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease



Research Themes:

Vector Biology & Climate Modelling