Public Involvement and Engagement during COVID

Resources for patient and public involvement and engagement with COVID-19 research

The NIHR HPRU EZI has focussed on COVID-19 related research to contribute to Public Health England’s work and the wider global research response.

In times of a pandemic, it might be difficult to imagine how to fit in patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) work into COVID-19 research. But something that has been clear, is that everyone is impacted by a pandemic of an infectious disease. And as such, it is of the utmost importance that the research conducted is relevant for and informed by society.

The PPIE team at the HPRU EZI has compiled an overview of helpful resources to support our research community with their PPIE work in COVID-19 research.

Some helpful articles and videos for involvement and engagement with COVID research:

-        Being heard, not, “seldom heard”: democratising research with diverse communities during the covid-19 pandemic

-        Public involvement during a pandemic: how we are supporting researchers

-        How do I hold a PPI meeting using virtual tools?

-        Communicating research during Covid-19

-        Working together to beat COVID-19: engaging and involving patients and public

-        Meaningful engagement - online events

-        Community engagement in and for ethical research in outbreaks of infectious diseases and other humanitarian crises

-        Online Community Involvement in COVID-19 Research & Outbreak Response Early Insights from a UK Perspective

-        Involving people when you can’t involve them face-to-face: Sharing experience

There are various (local) organisations that can support you in the recruitment of public contributors to be involved in your research or support you with PPIE in your grant application:

-        Health Data Research UK

-        NHS Health Research Authority

-        People in Research

-        Oxford NIHR BRC

-        Research Design Service North West

-        Research Design Service South Central

If you are unsure about doing PPIE activities, there are many training opportunities, both free and paid, which have moved online and are accessible for researchers throughout the country. An overview of relevant trainings can be found on the training page.